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Clean Ocean

At Plantifique, true beauty includes giving back to the world. We support the Plastic Bank Foundation, and with every order, one plastic bottle is recycled from the ocean.

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The Issue

Plastic pollution is one of the most significant threats to our oceans and marine ecosystems. A substantial portion of the plastic manufactured today is intended for single-use purposes, and a mere fraction—less than 9%—undergoes the process of recycling. As alarming figures from the United Nations reveal, a staggering annual volume of around 8 million tonnes of plastic waste finds its way into our water bodies. If we persist on our present consumption trajectory, by 2050, the plastic in our oceans could surpass the fish population.This problem has particularly impacted developing nations, where effective waste management infrastructure is often lacking or inefficient. The most renowned illustration of this catastrophe is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch—an agglomeration of discarded plastic across the ocean's surface, covering an area approximately three times the size of France.

How do we fight it?

To stop plastic pollution, we must collect the plastic before it enters the ocean and embrace a circular model to recycle and reuse these elements. This is why, Plantifique has partnered with the Plastic Bank Foundation, an organisation with a mission to “Transform Plastic Waste Into Empowering Income”.
The operations of Plastic Bank span across several nations including Haiti, Brazil, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Egypt This organisation partners with the indigenous communities in these regions to collect plastic waste within a proximity of 50 km to waterways and coastal regions that lead to the ocean. The local collectors receive a premium for the materials gathered which helps them provide basic family necessities, and collected material is reborn as Social Plastic which can be reused for new products and packaging as part of a closed-loop economy.

We rescued over 300,000 plastic bottles which is equivalent to

<p><strong>13.715 Million straws</strong> worth of plastic removed from landfill</p>

13.715 Million straws worth of plastic removed from landfill

<p><strong>1.714 Million</strong> <strong>disposable coffee cups</strong> worth of plastic</p>

1.714 Million disposable coffee cups worth of plastic

<p><strong>659 Bathtubs</strong> of plastic bottles rescued from the sea</p>

659 Bathtubs of plastic bottles rescued from the sea

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