Foot Peel Mask: 5 Things to Know Before Using It

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After a long day on your feet or intense workouts, it's common for dry skin and calluses to build up. A good Foot Peel Mask is here to save the day, gently removing impurities at the deepest level and leaving your feet feeling as wonderfully smooth as baby feet. The mask contains natural extracts and fruity acids that work together to exfoliate and moisturize your feet.

Let’s address the most common questions people ask when they first use the Foot Peel Mask.


Are Foot Masks Safe?

All Plantifique Foot Masks meet the safety standards of the US, UK, and EU. Dermatologist-tested and approved by the Essex Testing Clinic, our masks are gentle on your skin, ensuring a pain-free and irritation-free experience. While our formula is designed to suit various skin types, we recommend a Patch Test for sensitive skin or if you're unsure. Simply apply a small amount of liquid from the mask on your skin and wait 10-15 minutes. If there is no redness or burning, proceed with the application.

How to Use a Foot Mask?

The best way to use a Foot Peel Mask is to start by soaking your feet in warm water for 10-15 minutes to soften your dry skin and calluses. Then, dry your feet thoroughly and open the mask packaging to find two pairs of booties filled with liquid. Put them on and secure them with the provided tape. For a cozy experience, wear a pair of socks on top of the booties. Don’t worry, they won’t leak. After 60-90 minutes, rinse your feet with water or hop in the shower as usual.


How Do Exfoliating Foot Masks Work?

Each Plantifique Foot Mask is packed with natural exfoliants and alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), also known as fruit acids. These ingredients work together to gently loosen the connections between the cells in the outer layer of your dry skin, revealing a fresh, soft layer underneath. This process happens naturally and it usually takes around 5-7 days for it to start, depending on how much dead skin you have or how well you followed the instructions. After the peeling process, your skin will absorb moisture more easily, leaving your feet feeling hydrated and nourished with skin as soft as baby feet.


How to Make Feet Peel Faster After Foot Mask?

After the application, make sure to soak your feet daily in warm water for at least 10-15 minutes. Your daily shower also counts for this or you could even treat yourself to a warm bath. Keep up with this routine even when the peeling has started. Only stop the soaking once the peeling has stopped, and you've shed all the dead skin on your feet. Avoid using moisturizer during this time, as it may slow down the peeling process.

Why Are My Feet Peeling so Bad?

The foot peeling after mask is caused by the alpha-hydroxy acids, which work their way up from the deepest layers of your skin to the outermost layer. This process will cause the outer skin cells to harden, die, and eventually peel off, making room for fresh new skin cells.

If you notice minimal peeling after using the mask, it could indicate that you didn't follow the instructions properly or that the mask you used may not be as effective. A good-quality mask typically results in noticeable peeling after 5-7 days, starting with a flaky feeling around your toes, indicating that your feet are prepping for more peeling. After a few more days, you'll observe larger sections of skin shedding from your feet. It's crucial not to rush the peeling process by pulling or forcing it. Instead soak your feet daily to accelerate this process, allowing the dead skin to shed naturally.

Choosing the right mask is key to achieving optimal results. Check out reviews from real users who share their before-and-after experiences. Our viral Foot Peel Mask boasts numerous positive reviews, helping you make an informed decision about trying it out.

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