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For Her

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“For Her” is the perfect combo for a full skincare routine. 

Use the Clay Mask to remove any impurities and breakouts without any irritation or pain. Continue with the Massage Set that will relieve the muscle tension and depuff the face after the first use. To finish up, use the Foot Peel Mask for a smooth and soft feet effect.

Each bundle contains:

  • Superfood Marine Clay Mask
  • Rose Quartz Massage Set
  • Strawberry Foot Peel Mask

What makes it special

What makes it special:

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Puffy Face

Get real results

97% Agree "The Clay Mask hydrated and moisturized my skin.”
95% Agree “The Massage Set helped depuff my face.”
98% Agree “The Plantifique Foot Mask made my skin smoother and softer.”

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100% vegan

lab tested

cruelty free

paraben free

sulfate free

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